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A few months ago my life took an unexpected turn. I woke up one morning with the worst flu I’ve ever had, I rarely get sick so it knocked me pretty hard. I spent over a week in bed and with nothing else to do, I started to examine my life and where I was going. I knew something wasn’t right and that my heart was aching for a change. I understood that The Universe had given me a time out to realise that I was on the wrong path.


After a few weeks of confusion I listened to The Universe and trusted that the right path would be provided for me. So I quit my job, packed up my bags and moved home after living overseas for seven years. When I arrived home I wasn’t too sure of my plan, but as I got back into taking care of myself in all aspects of mind, body and spirit, I knew what I was to do. I got talking with Mum and we decided it was time to collaborate and share our journey with what it means to live a Heart Centered life. As we got to work, the ideas began to flow effortlessly and we knew we were on the right path. We have been working away for the last few months and both of us have been filled with joy at where we see our big ideas taking us.  


However, every so often I’ll see friends or bump into acquaintances that ask what I’m up to now that I’m home, I explain that Mum and I are working together on a company about Heart Centered living.  This answer is often met with “How are you going to do that?” or the worst “So are you looking around for a real job?”  I often shrug these comments off, but at times the doubt does creep in and it can be terrifying. I start to question if I’m doing the right thing or if the goals I have set for myself are attainable. A few days ago I started to feel anxious and question if I should go back to a more “conventional” path, but before I got too frantic, I paused, placed my hand on my heart and listened. I was then reminded of a similar situation over ten years ago.


I was fourteen and I was really passionate about film making, so one afternoon I searched the internet for learning opportunities in New Zealand after high school. I couldn’t find anything that matched my intentions, so for some reason I googled American Universities and I was captivated. I knew in my heart that this was the path for me. The next step was to figure out how I could get there. 


I discovered that many universities offered athletic scholarships - I had been rowing for about a year, I absolutely loved it and was pretty good at it too -  So I set my sights on gaining a rowing scholarship to the school of my dreams. I shared this goal with my parents, we ordered a guide online about rowing scholarships and Mum helped me to make a vision board to hang in my bedroom. I set my goals and intentions and then began doing everything I could to achieve this goal. 


As I got older, people would ask about what plans I had after high school and I would tell them about my scholarship aspirations to America. It was often met with doubt and questions about what back up plans I had in place. This was hurtful because I believed so strongly in my goals and I was confused as to why people couldn’t believe or understand my vision. However, I knew in my heart that I was on the right path so I kept strong, disregarded other people’s doubts and a few years later I was off to film school at The University of Texas on a full rowing scholarship.






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I remind myself now of how that belief when I was a teenager gave me the ability to dare to dream, which has taken me on an amazing journey around the world. So why now would I allow other people’s doubts and fears to stop me from dreaming big?

As Adults we rely on our ‘logic’,  we let society put limitations on us, and we create excuses for ourselves to stay in our comfort zones because we fear the unknown. I ask that you take a moment  today to find a quiet place, put your brain and ‘logic’ on silent, place your hand on your heart and truly listen to what it has to say.  


Today I did this and I was reminded to do everything in my power to create and make my dreams a reality, because I know it's not just about having faith in The Universe, it's about having faith in yourself that you have the ability to achieve your dreams.




I am thankful for this reminder that The Universe is here to support and guide me on this journey and that when I am true to myself anything is possible. 


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