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We have this life time in which to be,

All that we can and nothing less,

We need to be guided and have faith in our truth,

To take care of ourselves on the inside and out.

The early years of our lives are the most important,

It is where we learn to make choices for the health of our being,

Where we learn love of our selves and the universe at large,

And where we develop our own power which is all that we ask.

We need to grow and be strong and discover our strengths

And have balance in every day that we live,

Have activity and rest and good food and clean water,

Positive role models and love that abounds.

No matter what our race, our gender, our creed,

Or what challenges we face in any part of our lives,

Our needs are very simple, but so important to us

When we can affirm them, we’ll be truly alive.

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