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What does it mean to be Heart Centered?


 Being Heart Centered involves returning to your true Self and discovering the power of pure love from which you were born. For when you return to this place, oh what joy you will find and experience. You were not born with anger, resentment, revenge or judgement in your heart. Your earthly experiences have led you to these feelings. However, just because they have appeared in your life, does not mean they are a permanent fixture. It is for you to be aware when these feelings arise and for you to consciously change them to one of unconditional love through understanding, gratitude, kindness, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. It is for you to live life this way, as the more you practice coming from your heart, the more love, joy and serenity that will then flow into and radiate from your heart. Do not be afraid to leave the past behind where it has appeared safe for you to stay. Do not be afraid to answer to your Higher Self within.


For me being Heart Centered has come from a journey of fully embracing the unity of Body, Mind and Spirit and living life from this perspective. Knowing that whatever action I take in life is not done without the connection of the Mind to the Body to the Spirit and vice versa. To truly live your life being Heart Centered it requires commitment, it requires intention, it requires belief in you, it requires an open mind to learn to listen and trust the voice and wisdom within.  It requires you to know that all life experiences are there for a reason and it is to know that Mind, Body and Spirit are a union of: love of self, love of others, love of our environment, love of the Universe. Pure love is the pinnacle to attain in our lifetimes and when we live from the Heart we awaken.


We knew when we followed our guidance and spoke the words ‘I Am Heart Centered’ that it encompassed the way we are choosing to live our lives and the joy we are receiving from it.


I give gratitude for learning that the way to live love is not to speak of it, but to be of love in all you think and do.




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