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My beautiful 25 year old daughter has arrived  home after living overseas for seven years. It is great to have her living with us, now as an adult. There have been no cross words or testing situations, just many wonderful discoveries and a good dose of love. I can see the aliveness, confidence and joy of life that comes from her when a young person grows with, understands, knows and feels the unconditional love of being cherished.


I knew from my own upbringing and experiences, that what I claimed for my children was to be told and shown everyday how to give and receive love. I claimed for my children to know how cherished they were and it has been wonderful learning. When we hold the sentiment of being blessed for having our children in our lives and we cherish them every day as they grow, it opens the door to loving our children unconditionally. Cherishing our children is not about ‘spoiling’ them. Spoiling them is buying everything they want, letting them do anything they want, or not teaching them acceptable behaviour.  Coming from a cherishing belief, it is about telling and showing our children from our hearts everyday how much we love them. Ensuring that as they go to sleep at night, they only feel love for themselves and those around them regardless of what has happened that day or what our circumstances may be. It is about taking time away from ‘how busy we are’ and to really show them how much we genuinely love them and that they are treasured, valued, appreciated, respected, honoured and cherished. From this they will thrive, be resilient and truly come Alive. We owe this to our children and to ourselves. 





I end this heartfelt writing with gratitude for the power of love in our lives.

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