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As my children move into adulthood I at times reflect on what aspirations I held for them when they were born. Have these aspirations been achieved? Would these aspirations be different if I was a new parent today?


Actually whatever my aspirations may have been, I now know through life experiences there is only one guiding principle and that is Love. For children to know and feel unconditional love and peace within their own hearts they will learn how to love, accept and respect who they are and what surrounds them with grace, gratitude and compassion. When love and being heart centered is at the forefront of all that we do, children are able to meet the many challenges that life presents with faith in themselves, and grow into the magnificent, beautiful, unique beings they were born to be. With love being their guiding principle, children will know and feel what it means to be truly alive.


Bringing up children in the 21st century can appear daunting with the technological age and more sedentary and materialistic lifestyle we now find ourselves in. However, the basic needs of the child have not changed from previous generations. As Marcel Proust so famously said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”. We can add to our inner knowing the scientific research of understanding how the mind, heart and body function, grow and connect, to really assist our children to be all that they can be and be truly alive.


Heart Centered Reflection

So how can we as parents and caregivers ensure our children have the competence to meet the many challenges of today’s world, be the best they can be and be healthy, joyful and happy contributing members of society? Reflecting on our own lives and seeing more clearly the role so called good and bad experiences have played is a wonderful first step. Have we learnt to love unconditionally? Do we know how to forgive? Do we practice gratitude daily? Do we have empathy and compassion for others? Do we know how to create a fit,healthy body and mind? What are we teaching to our children and our grandchildren in our words and actions? Answering all of these questions and for children to learn and feel what it is that creates aliveness in them and then living that way is what I am intensely passionate about. 


My family and I have developed  I Am Heart Centered for parents, caregivers and children to grow in aliveness of love, health, harmony, vibrancy and joy through creating teaching stories and resources.



I end this day with gratitude for the many blessings, joy and learnings my children have brought into my life.




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Heart Centered Reflection
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