The Healer




This week I encouraged a friend to come with me to a yoga class. 
Part way through the class I started to think "I wonder if she's enjoying this?"

Which opened up a floodgate of thoughts "what if she hates it?" "I hope this pose isn't too difficult" "I hope the heat in the room is okay" etc etc. 
I then realized that the thoughts I was having had no effect on her because she couldn't hear them, all they were doing were negatively effecting my practice and taking me out of the moment. 
Then I heard the words " I Am here" and as I repeated them, I was able to release the thoughts that didn't serve me and come back to the now. 
This week I've been mindful to remember this. 
Whenever my thoughts begin to build and overwhelm me, I've started asking myself "Am I Here?" I then take a few breaths, release my thoughts and say "I Am Here." Bringing me back into the present. 
It's been such a great tool for me to use during the day to just check in with myself and make sure I am living in the now. 


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