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This lifetime you chose me as your mother

As a daughter I have cherished you like no other

From the first moment I held you close to my chest

I knew in my heart, I had been heavenly blessed.


You entered our family the last one of three

With two lively brothers, resilience was key

You stood your own ground and found your place in the nest

These memories I hold, I am wonderfully blessed.


I sang of your day, after I read to you each night

Your very own song to increase your bright light

Your innate spiritual knowing that you possessed

Enlivened my Soul, every day I was blessed.


There were tests, there were trials and tribulations too

All to give you that strength for what you are about to pursue

Everyone who now meets you, will readily attest

You come from the heart, for this I am blessed.


You grew with your passions and developed your dream

You always have known, how to be part of a team

You lived and you trained to be one of the best

I am so proud of you, I feel so truly blessed


I know we will now be many miles apart

And inside me I hold so much in my heart

I give you my love as you fly to your quest

The joys you have brought me, I am heavenly blessed



I thank you for being in my life.


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