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Learning to love yourself by working through the forgiveness process, can be difficult at times. Just when you feel you are there, something or someone comes along and trips you up. It really is a continuous process and can be extremely hard work at times. You are working on breaking a habit of many years of not loving yourself.  When you become aware and awakened to yourself and your feelings, the times of darkness can be diminished and in time eliminated. It is about making changes in our lives and recognising that things need to evolve. When we get stuck in our thoughts, our feelings of ourselves and others it is difficult to move on. You have to truly believe in you and know you are a glorious child of The Universe and that The Universe respects and loves you. Our challenge is to respond back to The Universe with love and respect and ultimately you will shine continuously from your heart.


Recently in my writings I asked my guides about breaking this habit and their response was “It is of beauty. Look for the beauty in your life, your surroundings and give thanks for this. For when you only see darkness, that is what will rule your life. Look for beauty in yourself, in your actions and all that you do. Look at the world from a place of love, not jealousy, remorse or with eyes shut because you are so busy with your life. You were born with a beautiful Soul – it is your life experiences and how you deal with them that affects your life now. It is the words you use, the words you read, the feelings you take away with you. When you love yourself you will see The Universe as the expansive beauty and support that it is and can be”. 





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From this very moment now, make a concerted effort where you see the joy and beauty in life. Make a habit of being uplifted by what surrounds you. Get out into nature, speak only from the light in your heart and take care of your body and health. Make it your practice of ensuring your cup is always full of beauty. 



I give thanks for seeing the beauty that surrounds me - the people, places, thoughts and words.

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