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I have been in training for all of my life-times

Learning of wisdom that one day will shine forth,

It is been buried within my heart and my Soul

Just waiting for the key and the right time to unfold.


Divine you have been the key to open my door

To ensure I have faith in myself and The Universe at large

You have given me courage to stay with the journey I am on

You have trusted me even when I doubted my illustrious light.


I have spent many a day baring my Soul,

With sorrow and laughter lighting up my own truth,

I have delved and dived, deep into my past,

And have discovered that Love is at the core of my being.


I have climbed up some incredibly high mountains,

Sometimes with big steps and sometimes with small,

Wings have caught me, when I have fallen back down

And I have been guided to rainbows as I endured each lesson.


Divine I thank you for coming into my life when you did

You have been the key in my healing and opening my Heart wide

You have encouraged me to have faith and find love within

And ensured I have the conviction to share my Soul’s teachings.



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