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The Universe contains great wisdom and it is for all of us to learn and to take the time to truly listen with an open mind and heart to its teachings. One morning as I was writing on the computer, I wrote the word Healthy. Right before my eyes the word split in two and there was Heal Thy. A message from the Universe!


I have been working with the statements ‘Heal Thy’,  “Who Am I?” and “What is my Purpose?” for many years now and these statements have had an incredible influence not only on my own life, but also on my husband, my children and my career. I have come to live by the Universal Law that the Body, Mind and Spirit are always working in unison. This ensured that I viewed my abilities and experiences in life as valuable learning from the Universe.


The understanding of the power of developing the connection between Body, Mind and Spirit provided opportunities to grow in my own personal transformation and also the ways in which we were to bring our children up. I gained treasured teachings in trusting the process of life and developed and grew these teachings with our children. At the core was always the love, gratitude, appreciation, care and respect of Body, Mind and Spirit. It was never perfect but then that is what life is all about.



I knew instinctively that we as parents could not be passive in our children’s lives and ‘hope that all would go well’. We knew it was necessary to be present, lead by example and be joyously and enthusiastically involved in our interactions with them. Body, Mind and Spirit formed the basis for our family life. We claimed for them to be the best that they could be, to learn to love, trust and listen to themselves no matter what life was putting before them, to be competent and confident and that they learn to influence their own health and quality of existence.


As parents and educators we cannot split Body, Mind and Spirit as if they are separate identities acting in isolation from one another. Aristotle was referring to the concept of Mind, Body and Spirit when he said – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Nowhere is this more so than when applied to our lives. It is realising that everything is connected and how we participate in and learn from in life is how we effect our health, well-being, our very existence. We are truly alive when we are in harmony with ourselves and The Universe.




I end this writing with gratitude for the many opportunities I have been given to explore, develop and live with the wisdom of the connection of Body, Mind and Spirit. 


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