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Over the years I have collected many sayings and ideas, many extraordinary books and some beautiful and meaningful gifts from my family and friends. The most profound grace my wall and desk. They have steered my journey, supported me in my quests, comforted me in some life challenges and kept my faith with my life mantra of “Trust the Process of Life”. 


I now sit here looking at my treasures and reading my wall at 4am, reflecting on what they all actually mean after two very insightful dreams woke me. The dreams were about being true to you, standing up for what you believe and don’t ‘bale out’.  This morning I had an ‘Aha!’ moment and it is that we can have all the books, all the sayings and all the gifts, but unless we actually make the space and take the time to reflect, work with, grow with and believe in, we will be forever stuck in the beliefs of ourselves that bind us. “Trusting the process of life” does require active participation, as life is forever changing as new experiences and challenges come along.


My dreams focused on me as a young person and I saw the path I have worn after incorrect beliefs were embedded and not rectified through no fault of myself or those around me. Beliefs that unconsciously have had such an effect on my life, but for which I am now grateful and forgiving as they have allowed me so much learning. Life is not perfect and we cannot make it perfect for our children. However, as parents and educators we do have a responsibility to ensure our children have the ‘tools’ and support to work through and deal with any situation that arises that tests them. It is important for our children to know, understand and trust that they have their own process of life to go through. 



It is important that our energy is invested in those pursuits which bring joy, happiness and peace.



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Understanding of the Universal law that energy has many different forms and that we are actually able to interchange and influence all things, and produce effects in all areas of our lives is crucial to creating a lifetime philosophy of positivity. If we are exposed to negative energies for too long the quality of our physical, emotional and spiritual health and vitality is compromised. It is important that our energy is invested in those pursuits which bring joy, happiness and peace to ourselves and that of others, as we will then feel empowered to meet the many challenges in life in a healthy, loving and heartfelt way.


Living positively is one of the most important aspects in life to encourage and grow in all of us. One of the large framed sayings on my daughter’s wall is “The little bags of magic say there is nothing that they cannot do” - Edward Monkton. My fit and able, at the time, 92 year old mother who was sleeping in her room said to me, “every time I sleep in this room I read that saying and it uplifts me to keep on going”.  Positivity knows no age limit. 

Work with words in your vocabulary that no longer serve you. Change the word “try” (as it implies struggle) to “I can”. Delete “should” as it implies guilt. Change “want” to “claim for myself”. Remove the term “Hope” and replace it with “Trust”, because “hope” leaves room for something not to happen. There are wonderful ongoing and lasting effects of positive language, Masaru Emoto’s “The Hidden Messages in Water” and Doreen and Grant Virtue’s “Angel Words” show graphic representation of the energy of words and feelings.


It is only through life experiences that we grow and truly become the people we are born to be. There is always more learning, more growing and many more adventures and hard work to be had in this glorious Earth School, for which I am thankful. The way to give our children these tools of life is through our own exploration and learning of who we are, living life with grace and gratitude and being the person you claim for your children to be and more.


I Thank The Universe for the ‘Aha” moments in my life as I listen to and take note of my wonderful and wise inner voice. I trust the process of life.


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