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On April 9th Mum and I decided it was time to quit sugar. I knew how toxic the stuff was, but I didn’t want to give it up, well I didn’t think I could give it up, because to be honest with myself I was addicted, especially to chocolate. 


We had just had an amazing Easter weekend filled with family, fun and laughter, but I had also gone to town on the Easter Eggs and I was feeling worse for wear because of it. Mum and I decided to commit to 30 days of no sugar to fight the addiction for good. 


The first few days were filled with headaches and a few mood swings, but I think having each other for support made it a lot easier to push through. It was funny how once we started the sugar free journey, an abundance of articles, information and stories started to pop in our lives. We were even more amazed when a new documentary “That Sugar Film” started to be shown in our local theatres. The Universe was really signalling to us that we were on the right track!




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For the first few weeks, each night we would say to each other “How many days has it been?” “It’s been 9” or “wow, it’s already been 18 days” and with each day we felt so accomplished. But as the weeks went on, we stopped counting the days as it just became our lifestyle. When I started writing this post I turned to Mum and said “Can you believe it’s now been 64 days?!” 


An abundance of information and research is now being released about the affects of sugar on our weight, our immune system, our gut health, it can impair the structure of our DNA, is linked to depression and cancers, and has even been proven to be more addictive than cocaine. 


Being sugar free for over the last two months I have noticed significant changes in not only my body, but my mind and spirit also.



  • I’ve effortlessly slimmed down and I feel confident and comfortable in my body.


  •  The brain fog has disappeared. I am now so clear in my thoughts I am able to write stories and poems and am creating new artwork daily. 


  • My skin is clear and super soft. Since I was twelve I’ve washed my face twice a day in hope of having a ‘perfect’ complexion. Since quitting sugar I’ve stopped washing my face, as my skin is so clear there is no need for it anymore. Now the only time I do wash my face is when I occasionally wear make up. 


  • Mum and I have both discussed how in the past when tough or upsetting situations and emotions have arisen we have reached for sugary foods for comfort and to block the emotions. Since quitting sugar we have been more in sync with our feelings and have learnt to deal with them instead of suppressing or hiding from them.


  • My meditation practice has drastically improved. In the past I would get easily distracted or even fall asleep, now my meditations are filled with powerful visions and insights. 



Most importantly for me is that my mind has shifted from “I can’t have that or I shouldn’t have that” to “I have no desire for that” which has made me feel so empowered.



I am grateful for the strength to overcome my addictions, I am now stronger and healthier in Mind, Body and Spirit. 



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