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Lately I have been asked a number of times to reflect on what or who reignited my Soul to look at, to understand and live life from a spiritual perspective. It is always a good question as it brings me back to looking at how I have grown on my spiritual journey and to question whether I am truly living with Spirit, the spark of the divine within my Being.


For me my awareness of my Spirit and the journey I had contracted to undertake this lifetime began at 20 when I was searching for something other than what I was reading in my University textbooks. I began questioning “Who Am I?” as life seemed to be bombarding me with varying life experiences. I was studying Physical Education at the time and emerging within me was a deep sense that we are more than the body we inhabit. As synchronicity of The Universe would have it, I came across an advertisement in a flyer for a course in meditation. At the course I found other like-minded Souls attempting to make sense of the world we were living in. Meditation gave me an incredible peace within and I learnt that I could sit still and let the deep emotions and thoughts from past experiences not have the same hold on me. I found a peace within I had not experienced up to this point in my life. This was in the early 70’s and it was definitely out of left field, so I never shared with my friends or family. Meditation certainly got me through University. 






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Life became busy after University with work, travel, marriage and children. Meditation and understanding Spirituality and life purpose took a back seat. My father, my wonderful friend and supporter passed unexpectedly and too early and that left a huge hole in my heart. I also began to see in my young children some traits appearing that I had battled with. I needed to ensure that some of my issues that were repeating themselves in my children, needed to be stopped. So I began to revisit my Spirit and the deeper understanding of who I am and the mysteries of life. Turning 40, fortunately provided the impetus to delve back into the meaning of my life and I undertook a 5 day retreat. It was raw and it certainly tested my Soul facing up to who I was, but the learning was also fascinating and life changing. I discovered learning to love who you are and living your truth from this perspective was essential on this bumpy journey we call life. I rediscovered meditation and it is very rare now that I miss a day of not taking the time to just sit, release and let the wisdom of The Universe touch my Soul.


For the past 20 years I have grown in, worked and taught in various areas of Body, Mind and Spirit as opportunities have presented themselves. They have all provided Soul growth and even though at times there has been upsetting consequences, they have all contributed to the person I am today that I am learning to accept. These life experiences I give gratitude for as they have developed me as a person, awakened my Soul further and deepened my awareness of the spiritual being that I am.  


Discovering more about the person that you are is a never ending process. Staying aware of your Soul and its learning experiences are to be continued for all of your lifetimes, my guides impressed on me. For it is here that we are awakened to all the possibilities that lay within us. I find it interesting that people around me talk of retirement and count down how many summers they may have left this lifetime when I have this fire burning inside of me to work with, develop further and share my learnings for many, many summers ahead. I hear my inner voice saying “Your Soul never retires!!”


This awakening to and being committed to one’s consciousness and one’s spiritual being is not for everyone each lifetime and I have learnt to be incredibly resilient as people have shunned me for my beliefs. For some, to ask this question of life is too challenging even when their life experiences are so difficult to bear and the body begins to fail them in health. Many people are moving through life never questioning who they are and wondering about the mysteries of life, and I have learnt from my Soul perspective that, that is OK as this is where their Soul is at this lifetime.



"The way to live your truth is not to speak of it, but to be of your truth in all that you do, think and say."

As my Spiritual journey in life continues I feel blessed that my children, having chosen me as their mother,  are able to express themselves from a Spiritual standpoint. They bring a journey where they are so accepting of everything spiritual and see it as a “normal” way to live your life. To take time to listen to your guides and wisdom within, to trust the Universe and the journey and life experiences you are undertaking and experiencing, to loving and forgiving yourself selflessly. They understand that this lifetime is only a small part of the larger cog of existence and our Soul and Spirit continue on for many lifetimes. They may not live and breathe every experience from a spiritual perspective, as they also need life experiences to learn from, but they can come to these life experiences with the understanding behind them that the challenges are for the learning and betterment of their Souls. 


I am incredibly excited and thankful that my daughter has now joined me to openly share our love, understanding and awe of The Universe and who we are as a Soul in our role as Lightworkers. The Universe has again blessed me.


I give gratitude to my guides for sharing with me "The way to live your truth is not to speak of it, but to be of your truth in all that you do, think and say."

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