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I sit here this morning writing with a slightly tired and aching body, but with a glow in my heart with having achieved a long held goal. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to walk The Tongariro Crossing situated in the World Heritage, Tongariro National Park where parts of The Lord of The Rings were filmed. The walk is 22 kilometres up a volcano, across its crater, around its lakes and down the other side. With the 500 or so people doing it this day I certainly was one of the oldest. I thought maybe with a knee implant and my other knee being twice reconstructed this goal may bypass me. But with training, a strong belief to succeed, with no buy-in to ageism and with family support, my dream became reality.


The outdoors enlivens my Soul and uplifts my energy and I always look forward to the many clear thoughts that arise as I enjoy Mother Earth and all she has to offer. This day provided to be bit more of a challenge however, with a number of what appeared to be never ending steep staircase and track climbs. The only thoughts that were surfacing were of just getting to the top. Once beginning on this walk there was no turning back, there was no bus or helicopter out, I just had to stick to the task at hand and get it completed. My walking poles provided great support and with timed short rest breaks I made it and was rewarded with the most incredible vistas. Red craters, moonlike terrain, steaming vents, green and blue lakes and some snow to put the finishing touches to it all. The struggle and the shortness of breath were all worth it. It would have been easier to allow my son to carry my pack when he offered, but as in life the hard yards are the most valuable and where the greatest lessons are learnt. When we set our mind to it and with preparation, belief and discipline you can accomplish many things.



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"Today, I choose to awaken my Mind, Body and Spirit to the beauty that is me."


I give thanks to my soul that is forever providing me with experiences

that challenge me to be all that, I am. 

For as long as I can remember I have had a love of and deep connection to my body, its workings and the wisdom it holds. I always take the lessons I learn from enjoying my body’s strengths and abilities while discovering the outdoors and apply them to other areas of my life.  The inner strength and discipline I have developed to never give up and to keep on going, empowers me in my Spiritual quest to be all that, I am.  I see the beauty in nature and have learnt to see the beauty that is within me.  I know there is always support for me, I just have to ask. I made it to the top this time, but I have discovered with some physical challenges that sometimes the Universe has other intentions and I don’t always succeed. This is ok as this provides another valuable lesson for me.


As I move through this 6th decade of my life, I am finding it is even more important to love, have gratitude for, take good care of my mind, body and spirit and continue to apply lessons learnt. I work with each aspect of mind, body and spirit separately but these aspects always intertwine and I know they can only ever exist as a whole. I have a new mantra on my wall of “Today, I choose to awaken my Mind, Body and Spirit to the beauty that is me”. From this I create my vision for my day and my future and develop the steps to achieve them.  We can set our goals for the future but each day we need to have the discipline to work towards them, take steps to achieve them, have faith in the Universe you will be supported and not to just hope that they will happen. This ensures you live in the present. 


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