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The Healer



Whether it is writing, creating, socialising, or exercising (the list can go on and on.) I can fall into the trap of creating excuses as to why it’s not the right time; That my energy isn’t in the correct place, that I’m not in the perfect mindset, that it’s not the ideal time of day. So I find myself putting life on hold waiting for everything in life to fall into perfect alignment.

But then I saw this tree and realised this tree couldn’t wait until there was grass planted, or the sea permanently retreated. It couldn’t wait until the weather was perfect, or other trees had paved the way.
It just had to grow.
And grow it did.

Life will never be perfect, and there are always going to be many reasons why something cannot be done. But this tree reminds me that anything is possible, you just have to make the commitment.




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