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Nearly 20 years ago I was commissioned to produce a holistic resource on jumping. The people I was working for suggested some ideas, which were largely based on that holistic was to combine jumping and nutrition. As an example one could put a rope on the ground in the shape of a banana for children to jump over. To me WHOLISTIC education as I like to call it, went so much further than this.


I had begun my awakening to Spirituality a number of years earlier but I was covert about my “new” way of thinking, feeling and practices I was developing within my family structure and teaching. I, in my innocence and exuberance, thought this was the opportunity to let everyone else know that a whole other, world existed besides our physical.


As I developed the resource, words and ideas flowed into me. I trusted what I was being given as I sat at a remote beach close to my home, writing at dawn. I knew I was in touch with nature and I trusted the words and ideas that I knew were coming from a higher consciousness. However, even though my “I Am Alive” resource and video were completed, it was not taken up.


I have never lost faith in The Universe and what I had produced all those years ago. I always trust in the process of life. One of the first things my daughter, Anna and I did as we looked at how we could bring all our wonderful learnings together was to review my work. When she read the “I Am Alive” resource she was blown away. To her what I was saying 20 years ago is common and accepted practices today. The internet, instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and writings are full of these concepts. The Universe had given me ways of thinking and being a bit too early for mainstream education of the time. As I read and study many and varied works today and they speak of spirituality, aliveness, awakening and the researched connections between the mind, body, heart and Spirit, it makes my heart sing.




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I wrote a verse of a song for the “I Am Alive” video, speaking of the “heart that beats all day and night, tells us of our own wellbeing and is our eternal light”. I questioned, in my writings, the mystery of what makes the heart beat? I talked of the heart being the central balancer and mediator of peace and harmony within all systems in our bodies. I recognised our heart sends messages of our emotions, our excitement, our fear, our passion, our stress, our love. I knew our heart tells and reminds us, We Are Alive! The spark was created there for my future work and this is now the birth of I Am Heart Centered. I now have confidence to openly speak my truth and be The Authentic Self I was born to be this lifetime.



I end this writing with gratitude for those beings that support and guide me from afar, who know of my future but ensure I stay in the present, to fully experience and learn from all that the NOW presents.

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