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On Wednesday morning, Mum and I woke up before dawn and drove over the hill to Makara Beach. We parked the car, turned on our torches and walked around the coastline to a sheltered cove to welcome in the new day.


As the mist flowed off the ocean, greeting the cool winter air, the sun rose over the hills, igniting and colouring the sky. The scene was breathtaking and a great reminder to take time to see the beauty in new beginnings. 


Sometimes we can get so caught up in doors closing and chapters ending, that we miss out on the new doors that are opening. New beginnings bring in unique characters, situations and opportunities that enter our lives and help us write the next chapter of our story. If we focus on the past we will miss these new, exciting and beautiful opportunities.


In order to move on it is important to take time to thank the past for the lessons it has taught us and the growth it has created. I find that the best practices for me are to meditate and write in a journal.  Doing this helps me to express how I feel about the situation, and it also gives me the ability to reframe a past experience and see it in a different light. These practices give me clarity and confidence to move on from the past and it is then that I can truly appreciate the beauty of the now. 



I'm thankful for the experiences that have brought me to this path, and I am filled with gratitude for the ability to see the beauty in new beginnings.



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