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I first heard about floating on ESPN when they did a story about Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors making floating a part of their regular routine as they have enjoyed the relaxation and mindfulness of the sessions and have also experienced fantastic physical benefits as well. As more and more photos and stories began to appear on our social media feed, I was feeling quite envious that I wasn’t able to experience it. Thankfully, float tanks have finally arrived in Wellington and the amazing team at SaltPod invited myself and Mum in for a 60 minute float session. 







SaltPod state on their website that:


"When you float you are stepping into a quiet, warm, private cocoon called the dream pod where you lay back on a water solution of 500 kilograms of Epsom salts dissolved in 800 liters of water. The water is so dense that now you will float like a cork completely buoyant. 

The water is kept constantly at skin temperature, which means very soon you will not be able to differentiate between your skin and the water. Relax and for the first time feel what it is like when none of your pressure points in your body have any weight on them. You will be fully supported meaning you will expend no physical energy to maintain your position in the water no matter what your weight might be. 

When the sound of the music and the lights switch off inside (this is optional) you will relax and rest your mind in a state of relaxation which you most likely will have never experienced until this point."




I’ve had a busy week and my upper back has gotten quite stiff and sore as I’ve been doing a lot of work at my desk, so I was really looking forward to having 60 minutes of uninterrupted meditation and to give my body the time to relax and realign. 


After a shower I excitedly hopped in the pod, closed the lid and then, just, floated. At first, a gentle wave (created by my submersion into the water) lapped at my body and I bumped into the wall of the pod a couple of times, but as the water settled I was able to just relax and be in the moment.

It is an amazing feeling to just effortlessly float and for me I could only hear the soothing sound of my breathing. I was about to drop into meditation, but then my mind began to wander, I think because I typically meditate with music or in nature, the complete silence of the pod made my mind begin to race. I was patient and allowed these thoughts to come through. Then after about 10 minutes I realised I was lying very straight with my palms facing downwards, so I decided to spread my body like a starfish and turn my palms to face upwards, I then invited and envisioned a bright, white light pouring down into my heart space and with this I was able to quieten my mind and fade into a deep meditation.

I experienced a wonderful meditation and I was able to hear and see the Universe’s messages loud and clear, giving me a great sense of clarity and direction. 


As soft music began to play, bringing me out of my deep meditation and signalling that my time in the pod was coming to an end, I did not want to get out.  I was in such a peaceful state and I was not quite ready for it to end and have to get back into the real world, so I just continued to float. When the music stopped I realised I couldn’t stay here all day, even though I really wanted to, so I finally made my way out of the pod and finished with a beautifully, warm shower. The shower was stocked with an assortment of fantastic Sukin products to use, so I was feeling very pampered. 


After the SaltPod session the tightness in my upper back had released itself, my body felt aligned and my skin was feeling incredibly soft. The SaltPod team mentioned that we would have a wonderful sleep that night and they were telling the truth! I am a great sleeper anyways, but after the float session I fell into an even deeper, more peaceful sleep than usual, and I woke the next morning feeling so at peace and happy within my being. 


MY FAVOURITE MOMENT  was learning what it would feel like to be a mermaid floating in the ocean.



MY MIND: Learning to be patient with my mind as it raced and then finding a new way to quieten it down. 

MY BODY: Feeling rejuvenated and aligned. 

MY SOUL: Finding deep inner peace and entering a beautiful meditative state. 


When Anna first mentioned that we had been invited to experience a Salt Pod flotation I absolutely had no clue as to what she was talking about. As she explained the concept, I smiled as visions of the pods in the movie Cocoon (1985) and the heartfelt story of everlasting life arose! I was curious and excited to give this a go as I always enjoy a new adventure and new learning about myself, my mind, my body and my Spirit. I felt to get the maximum benefit I would not research anything but just be open to the experience. Anna did mention crystals could enhance and amplify the experience, but I needed to choose wisely as porous crystals are not for salt water. Rose quartz with its feminine energy and being the stone of the heart and unconditional love, and clear quartz for its amplification of intent were the crystals that I intuitively chose.



It was with great anticipation as I stepped into my pod, I put the crystals beneath where I was to float and closed the lid. I have experienced the floating in the Dead Sea, but was curious as to how this lesser amount of water would support me. I was blown away as I quietly lay back and felt my body in a perfect float position. I closed my eyes and just felt the most superb relaxation take over. With my ears beneath the water I could hear the loud beating, but soothing and comforting sound of my heart. As a daily meditator and with absolutely no distractions, I presumed I could drop into meditation and just float away into my being. However, it proved to be a busy time as thoughts came and went. They seemed important at the time but at the completion of my hour I could not recall what those thoughts were. I now realise they were just energies that needed to be cleared and moved on. I have learnt that the floating puts you into Theta State. This is the same state the brain is in, in daydreaming and also just as you are going off to sleep or waking up. I have to admit I was keen to stay in as long as I could – I wanted more! -but when the filtration kicked in, I reluctantly got out. I felt so at peace and refreshed afterwards and my sleep that night was wonderful. 


Besides the incredible relaxation and stress release that you experience in the Salt Pod, the dense concentration of Epsom Salt composed of Magnesium Sulphate is an extra bonus to your health and well-being. The magnesium which is absorbed through the skin is excellent for your circulation, eases muscle pain, improves the body’s ability to use insulin, regulates electrolytes and relieves stress. The great thing is, is that science backs up floating with many studies published.

I am looking forward to my next salt pod float as I am told each successive float builds on the previous and the effects increase. 


MY FAVOURITE MOMENT was feeling completely relaxed, at peace with myself and the only sound I could hear was my heart beat – the sound telling me I Am Alive.



MY MIND: That thoughts are only thoughts and I can believe and live them or I can let them go and find the peace within

MY BODY: My body felt cleansed, soft and very feminine

MY SOUL: Just loves to have some down time when it is not dealing with the highs and lows of my life experiences

If you are in Wellington we highly recommend booking a session at SaltPod and making floating a part of your lifestyle, as your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.


Note: We are not being paid to write this review, we genuinely loved our time at SaltPod and as always our thoughts and opinions are authentic and from the heart.

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