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The Healer




A few weeks ago I was doing some healing and I felt my pinky finger start to tingle.

I asked who was with me and I saw an image of a Native American healer standing before me. 


With his presence I felt a deep sense of peace and calm wash over me, but also strength and confidence in my abilities.


Last week I called on him to guide me to draw him, and this is how he wanted to be portrayed. As I’ve shared his image with friends, family and on social media, I have been amazed at how many people have connected with his truly beautiful energy. 


The Healer's Message

“I am here as reminder that you are all miraculous beings. But it is time to stop searching outwards, now is the time to look within you. You will discover that all the gifts and wisdom of The Universe are already inside you, so take the time to connect in and listen. 

Once you make this connection you will find that you have access to everything you have been searching for. 

You have the power to heal yourself. 

You have the power to step into your light and shine. 

And most importantly you have the power to love. To love yourself first and foremost and then to share this love with others.”


The Healer asks for you to call on him to assist you with finding inner peace, wisdom and especially healing. He is here to guide you in connecting with your inner truth, as It is time to stop hiding, now is the time to embrace the power of your authentic self. 





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