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Writing this blog on forgiveness has mirrored what it has been like for me in learning about and practicing forgiveness in my own life. There have been many attempts, so much to say, so much unsaid and too much thinking about other people and experiences in my life. At times I have become bogged down in my forgiveness journey just as I have in my writing about forgiveness at present. However all is not lost as the previous work I have done on this blog and on my road of forgiveness is building upon each layer of understanding and expression. All the work adds up to the final result of putting your Soul at rest by completing the blog from the heart and reaching the pinnacle where forgiveness can only truly happen in your life when you love yourself first and foremost.


When working with forgiveness I have discovered that there is a huge clash between your head and your heart. Your head talks to you of anger and revenge and to stuff the feelings deep within. This shuts your heart down. This has felt a safe place to be. However, in time, your Heart, your Soul awakens and leads you to realise that this has created a heavy, dark cloud within and around you. No matter how hard you try to be bright, happy, joyous and loving, it is only on the surface. For this dark cloud has created ways in which we react that are not from our Heart, but from the head and we have unwittingly believed we are unlovable and unable to love ourselves. It is a bit of a chain reaction for when we don’t love ourselves we have no power, we put up walls and we continue to allow people to override us and not let people into our lives for the fear of being hurt again. We also create situations where we cause hurt to others when coming from a place of darkness, negativity and not loving ourselves.





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Loving yourself is about regaining your power and putting your Soul at rest

so you can move on with your life.

So how do you get to the point of learning to love and forgive yourself? One has to do the work and to realise that the initial beliefs about yourself that you may have gained need to change. These may range from not feeling love from your parents (did they know how to love you because of their own life experiences?); to all forms of abuse that you did not invite into your life; to parents becoming divorced and feelings that have manifested around that; to others who try and exert their power over you because unknowingly they envied the Spirit that you are. It is about understanding that you are not the instigator of these negative experiences and inside you have a beautiful spirit just waiting to come out. It is about knowing that the word sorry is not a magical word that will heal everything and all will be gone and forgotten. The work of forgiving yourself first and foremost for carrying past hurts needs to be worked through, not re-lived. With Universe guidance and prayer you can open the window to your soul and discover the love of self, and that you will be the person you were born to be.


When working with forgiveness it is not about getting caught up in another person’s journey, rehashing perceived injustices or who is right and wrong. It is for you to find your own way through your own experiences. You may know the mechanics of forgiveness but it is feeling it from the heart. To love yourself is about regaining your power and putting your Soul at rest so you can move on with your life. For when we don’t have our own power it is impossible to learn to love yourself. How can you know and understand love and what it is to receive love from another person if you don’t know love of yourself. Loving yourself not in an egotistical way but in a deep, true, heartfelt, loving reverence of yourself, your Soul.


Finding, giving and receiving forgiveness is a continuous path we find ourselves on as new challenges present themselves. However with the awakening of consciousness, prior learning, steady self-belief and the quickening of energies that is taking place, it is becoming easier to live in the present and to let go of and to stop revisiting the past. The more we come to genuinely give and receive forgiveness from our heart and know it is a work in progress, the more we will come to find compassion, peace within and unconditional love of self and others. This is what forgiveness truly is.



I give love and thanks to myself for at long last discovering the missing piece to my jigsaw as I work with healing my Soul this life time.


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