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A few years ago I awoke from a dream and I knew that this dream was going to have a strong influence in shaping my future work.


In the dream I was being asked to come up with a picture of what I claim for myself in my life. It was a picture of me working with families. Then all of a sudden I saw a very large and incredibly deep hole in front of me. I could not see the bottom. Suddenly I slipped and fell into the hole. While falling I managed to grab and hold and cling onto the side of the hole. I called out for someone to save me and get me out. As I yelled for help, “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles  began to play. The song silenced my screams and then in a blink of an eye, I was safely standing next to the very deep hole. I then woke from my dream.





The message for me as I reflect on this dream and the words of the song is that with love as the basis for life, one can deal with any situation that life presents. Love will always guide you not only during the better times but also during times of personal darkness. Love is at the very core of our existence as it is universal energy that cannot be destroyed. However, it is how we value and live with love that has the biggest effect on us and those that we are connected to and come into contact with. It is our undertaking to discover and to be the source of love, knowing that we cannot buy it or be given it. This is the sacredness of love.



All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
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What does love mean for each one of us? We all come from different cultures and experiences but when researching the meaning of love the underlying wisdom in all cultures is the same. It is much more than the way love is described and used today. A beautiful word from the Maori language is Aroha. Aroha has been translated into English to mean love. However English, a very new language based only on the 5 senses of the intellect means that the full context of Aroha is lost. Aroha carries a profound message of love and connection with many levels of meaning and is the binding force of all that is. It is demonstrated and shown through action. It is about caring for your family, your community, the environment and beyond. It is unconditional love where it is learning to be the source of love, rather than waiting for others to be the source. Aroha encompasses - faith, trust, kindness, empathy, forgiveness and compassion that comes from the very presence of The Universe.

Can we in today’s hectic, fast paced, technological world return to and fully understand the concept of Aroha and be heart-centered in all that we do and say? In our existence are we living true, deep seated love for ourselves, our families and our environment?

This is our greatest challenge. We all know within our hearts how to do this. We are born knowing only love. It is taking the time to stop and listen to our hearts, no matter what our circumstances are and nurture love with our children and families. Trusting in and living life from an unconditional love perspective you learn faith in, and love of self in one’s heart and this enables us to show our absolute concern for all living things. We will not need to continually look for outside approval. Judgment, criticism, blame and control of others will no longer have a place in our hearts, and there will be total trust and love without fear.


When in love with life, you feel your own vitality, your own energy and you know you belong. Love of ourselves, love of others and love of the universe is the most positive and powerful and sacred energy of all.


I end this writing with gratitude for the opportunity that life gives me every day to discover the power and meaning of Aroha, supported so lovingly in this quest by The Universe.

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