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We have been brought up in a world where logic and reason have overridden the ability to trust and listen to the inner knowing and wisdom that we all possess. A world where the power of the mind has dominated our lives. It is fortunate now, that the latest research is showing the amazing role the heart and its energy is playing in our lives.

The heart is the driver behind our physiology, our health, our emotions, our ability to learn, our whole being. It is time to reconnect with and be guided by the wisdom of our heart, to be heart-centered. The basis of heart-centered living is love in all its forms.


Nowhere is heart-centeredness more important than in bringing up our children. Our children are conceived with clear hearts. Dr. Bruce Lipton in his research tells us that “The first 6 years of children’s lives is where you gain your behaviours and belief systems from those around you. This controls the way we, as adults live today”.So it is looking at our interactions with our children and ensuring they came from the best possible loving places.


Taking care of the heart is so much more than physical exercise. It is understanding the role the heart plays in our lives and ensuring love is the guiding force in all that we think, feel and do. When children grow in and nurture self-love, they can give love, gratitude, kindness, respect and compassion to others and the world that surrounds them. Children are healthier and face life challenges with trust in the process of life when heart-centered. It is essential that the power of the mind is in unison with the wisdom of the heart as we cannot grow to be all that we can be if they are out of balance. This is at the very core of existence and creates aliveness in all that we are and do.




I end this writing with gratitude for learning to trust myself to listen and be guided by my inner knowing and the Wisdom of The Universe.


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