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My words today have come from deep within as I grapple with my commitment to truly divulge and bring forth my Soul's purpose. It is not from a place of not believing in the divine it comes from a place of not fully believing in myself as there have been life lessons that have dented my belief in myself. The way I have dealt with this is to distract myself from trusting that what I think, feel and say is of worth. I have asked for guidance over the past 12 hours and my guides have just told me "It's time to fully commit to your Soul's calling".

They then offered me these beautiful words of wisdom.

You know the light
You see the light
You feel the light within your being
Why then dearest ones do you stay in limbo 
And struggle to fully commit to the light?
To walk the journey of your Soul?
To hold the knowing - This is where you are to be
It is time 
Let go, release your unworthy thoughts
Leave behind the earthly distractions
Embrace the light
Entrust your Being to set your Spirit free
It is time.




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